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Back-story of Andrew Jonathan Fine's romantic space opera series: Alouette's Song and Alouette's Dream.

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The Alouette cycle is the author's re-imagination of an edition published in 1928 of E. E. Smith's "Skylark of Space" which has fallen into the public domain and now resides in Project Gutenberg, a repository for public domain literature. By U.S. Copyright Law, a derivation of a public domain work is non-infringing. I derived from the following public domain sample: This is also an original work rather than fan-fic. While the original story arc and some continuity is kept, the implementation of the story arc, the time setting (2020 rather than ca 1920's) and the characters could not be more different. All other content used in these novels is taken under the "de-minimis fair use" doctrine of US. Copyright Law.

I anticipate immediate vandalism as well as gratuitous DCMA filings by purists, trolls of various kinds, and anti-Semitists. All pages are therefore on permanent lockdown against users until further notice.

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